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Video Designer


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type


Job Location Type

Full Time

1 - 2 Years


Posted on

7 Sept 2022

About the Role

- Believes that storytelling is the supreme tool in mankind’s history that made humans and communities thrive
- Respects and has a deep understanding of design principles and theories yet undaunted to break them with a strong design conviction
- Understands how colours, typography, animation, photos, composition and content affect the human mind and business
- Has strong opinions on their craft yet open to consume feedback from colleagues
- Never shies away from giving feedback to fellow designers to help them
- What’s in for you?
- You will work in a customer-obsessed environment which means design and branding play a vital role in how Pickyourtrail functions
- A work culture that gives the highest importance to employee happiness, growth and belongingness
- A launchpad to achieve your design and career aspirations. Everyone you work here with will help you to fly high!
- A place where you will have complete ownership and freedom to run design experiments, initiate projects and do whatever you think will benefit the business and people
- Build your own Video Design team as you grow with PYT
- What you will be doing at PickYourTrail?
- You will be closely collaborating with founders, marketing & ad strategists, and copywriters to create compelling ad films
- You will be owning end-to-end video ad campaigns from ideation to post-launch impact analysis which includes ideating, conceptualising and presenting the story to stakeholders
- You will come up with unique storyboards, video strategies and storytelling to accompany the various marketing channels of Pickyourtrail (ads, social media, product etc.)
- You will be playing an important role in growing our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels. Your work will touch hundreds and thousands of travellers across India (across the world soon)
- Work closely with performance marketing teams to improve business metrics and revenue
- Does it sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, you will work with awesome people who back you up anytime and let you have fun creating videos


  • 1+ years of experience

  • Ability to work, plan and strategise with multiple stakeholders like marketing, content, brand and product design for their requirements

  • Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts through various videography methods (Montage, Stop-motion, GIFs, Reels, Brand storytelling etc.)

  • Own-design related metrics like Click Through Rate (CTR), ThruPlay for advertisements and experiment to improve them day in and day out

  • A deep love for animation principles and the ability to use it in innovative manners

  • Comfortable with industry-standard video and design tools like After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator

  • Good understanding of how modern brands leverage the video art form to improve business and develop their market share.

  • Should be able to understand and appreciate that chaos/randomisation is the only constant at a startup

  • Comfortable working with the Performance Marketing team to tell stories through art and design

  • Motion graphics experience will be a plus

It’s okay, if...

  • You are unsure about the role. You can drop in by our office or connect over a call. We’ll be happy to help you understand things.

  • You don’t have a design degree or certification. We believe being a designer is more of a lifestyle than a job.

About the Company

Founded in 2013 and based in Chennai, Pickyourtrail is one of India’s highest-rated travel planners. Pickyourtrail helps people plan, customise and book their holidays online. Customers can choose their preferred seats on the flight, choose where they want to stay, reserve their favourite restaurant, or even save a spot for a scuba diving session—all on Pickyourtrail’s website, with complete control over their budget and itinerary. With live support during the trip, customers can rest assured that any emergency will be handled by our experts. Helping more than 20,000 customers from over 15 countries explore the world the way they want to, Pickyourtrail is the easiest way to travel.

We’re a team that believes in going the extra mile every day. At Pickyourtrail, we celebrate every small win, hoard a lot of hot chocolate, bring our furry friends to work, and are constantly looking for new ways to make travel accessible to everyone.

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