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Making a career in art is a struggle, it's true, but it doesn't have to be. The Internet has vast resources where the real challenge is to reach the right one. We know the process is overwhelming, which makes one second guess their decision. Filmy Effects is on a mission to provide a platform for all aspiring artists to make this a reality through self-learning, and it enables individuals to carve a path in their desired industry.

Meet The Team

Our Story

“Logan discovered a passion for photography in his childhood. His parents supported this ambition by immersing him from the start in the world of animation, which paved the way for Logan to make his way in the industry.”


And one day, he wakes up to realize that he is pursuing engineering. Our art career is becoming this swift. It is just a fantasy.


While pursuing engineering, Logan carved his way in animation, devoting every spare time learning about VFX and motion graphics. He is profound in critical thinking and loves problem-solving. This interest led him to create his first YouTube channel, "crazy pc tricks," which featured tech and software solutions. He soon began making videos using "Windows Maker" and later learned about After Effects.

He started his own course after his debut YouTube videos garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from his viewers. And that’s the start of Filmy Effects. The swift takes place when Jegan brings the YouTube channel's learning to turn it into a platform with the ecosystem of everything and brings a new vision to self-learning.


Together, Logan and Jegan are pursuing their goal to create a platform that offers a one-stop solution to all the artists out there.

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