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Motion Graphic Designer



Job Type


Job Location Type


0 - 1 Years


Posted on

11 Sept 2022

About the Role

· Process motion capture data through proprietary pipelines.

· Retarget motion capture data to game assets using high end workflow.

· Assist in creating tools and scripts to improve workflow.

· Share and advance knowledge of worldwide teams.


· Superlative communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills are an absolute must.

· Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

· Strong technological problem-solving skills.

· Highly motivated and passionate - Intense energy is a must.

· Ability to stay calm, work hard, and stay dedicated to finding solutions even under the tightest of deadlines and most stressful of situations.

· Have a tremendous ability to multi-task and prioritize.

· Utmost reliability & commitment to the job.

· Ability to work as part of a team and take constructive criticism and direction.

About the Company

Apple Arts Studios is an outsource company that provides High Quality motion Capture services for your studio.

Our Company works closely with Motion capture specialist with a high experience and is dedicated to offer you the best service to face higher demand and quality control.

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