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Motion Graphic Designer

Mad About Digital (M.A.D)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Job Type


Job Location Type


0 - 1 Years


Posted on

9 Sept 2022

About the Role

• Creating animations based on assets given by the design team

• Character animations for short form video ranging in the 0:10s - 0:30s duration

• Creating and implementing motions graphic design language for various brands

• Editing / Syncing videos, audio

• Helping in selecting appropriate VFX, audio tracks for various animations

• Recommending appropriate motion graphics styles for various brands 3D Artist

• Develop 3D designs for new products

• Responsible for creating 3D models based on direction with designers

• Select materials, engineering standards, and generic parts for 3D designs.

• 3D designs can range from products to characters


• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Premier Pro

• Adobe Photoshop

• Maya or any other 3D software you're comfortable with

About the Company

M.A.D is a full Service Digital Marketing, Communications and Design Agency that helps brands make some noise online.

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