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Motion Graphic Designer

Outline Media

Hyderabad, Telangana

Job Type


Job Location Type


2- 3 Years


Posted on

9 Sept 2022

About the Role

You’re a technically skilled motion graphic designer with 2-3 years of experience.
Have proven working experience in motion graphics, video editing.
You have excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.
You have a degree in design, art, multimedia, or any related field.
You want to create awesome visual art & animation content for reputed clients.


  • Design and create enticing motion graphics videos.

  • Edit raw video footage and add effects/elements to enhance motion graphics.

  • Research and analyze best design techniques and solutions to create motion graphics.

  • Assist in designing and creating storyboards.

  • Stay up to date with the latest market trends and smartly employ the same for client campaigns.

  • Come up with highly engaging motion designs with great attention to detail which is in accordance with brand attributes.

  • Manage the assigned daily animation tasks and deliver on time.

About the Company

An Advertising Agency & More!

It all begins as an idea, moulded by the desire to make things better. The idea sprouts to life, carving its own story of resilience and growth.

Eventually, after tireless hours on the bench, the idea matures into a brand. What follows is a fervent yearning to communicate, to inspire, to disrupt and revolutionize the way people think, to boldly accomplish what no brand has done before.

Every brand begins with an Outline and has a unique story to tell, we help you craft yours.

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