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Motion Graphic Designer


Work From Home

Job Type


Job Location Type


0 - 2 Years


Posted on

29 Sept 2022

About the Role

● Experience: from 2 years
● Having a portfolio
● Knowledge of programs:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Photoshop
would be a plus for Cinema 4D/Blil654 xcender
● Ability to work with plugins:
motion bro
Duik (will be a plus)
and etc.
● High task execution speed
● Knowledge of scripts/expressions that speed up/simplify machine work
● Basic sound design skills
● Ability to adapt horizontal video to vertical and vice versa
● Ability to beautifully combine real footage with 2D graphics
● Knowledge of json (lottie files) animation will be a plus
● Meeting deadlines



Creation of videos for mobile applications using 2D animation

● Independent search for suitable footage and music on stock sites

● Combination of real footage with 2D graphics

● The process of performing work clearly according to the TOR

● Animation of individual elements in the project (buttons, BG inside the application, etc.)

About the Company

AppCake - An innovative product company that has been specializing in the successful development of mobile applications since 2017. We conquer the IT industry with a non-trivial approach, interesting tasks and the active use of modern technologies.

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