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Motion Graphic Artist

3 Dots Design

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Type


Job Location Type


0 - 2 Years


Posted on

22 Sept 2022

About the Role

Create highly engaging complex animations for a diverse array of media,

including smartphones, tablets and the web.

• Work with illustrators, designers and instructional designers to

understand the project scope and objectives.

• Assist in the creation of animation storyboards.

Provide accurate time estimates for each part of the process.

• Assist in selecting appropriate audio, graphic and animation styles for

the project.

• Encoding, converting and editing videos and adding effects/elements to

enhance motion graphics.

• Support the design and illustration team with photo editing, bespoke

illustration and icon design.

• Responsible for training and developing others in the use of animation


• Keeping abreast of advancements in animation as well as new

technologies and techniques, contemporary trends in production design

and popular music to deliver cutting edge work.


  • Adobe After Effects

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Premier Pro

About the Company

One-stop destination for multiple communication solutions : Advertising. Design. Digital.

During these times when the communications business is highly fragmented, we are one of the rare Advertising Agencies who have remained as Integrated Communications Specialists.

3 Dots Design is a one-stop destination for every possible brand communications mandate.

Being media neutral not only helps us optimize every Advertising Rupee that the clients spend but also enables us to add more agility to the clients'​ Marcom process.

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