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Motion Designer Intern


Paris, France

Job Type


Job Location Type

Full Time

0 - 1 Years


Posted on

22 Sept 2022

About the Role

We are looking for a motivated and creative intern motion designer to help Didomi stand out as the main player in consent and preference management.

Your main objective will be to make Didomi’s products, brand and people stand out in the market as innovative and impactful. This is a highly collaborative role: within the design team you will work closely with our motion designer (Gauthier), with the support of our art director (Laura) and our Lead Creative (Olivier). You will also have to work hand in hand with the content team and acquisition team to develop new video concepts for social media.
As a motion designer intern, you will help members of the design team to:
- Collaborate with other teams to understand their needs and translate it into purposeful animations
- Create storyboards
- Design and animate motion graphics
- Understand best practices for short-form content on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,
Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitter
- Find new and innovative ways to promote webinars/events/content.
- Create motion design content: corporate videos, marketing and product promotional videos.
- Create videos to showcase the product and brand (new features, new product releases, social media
videos, short promotional videos, brand communications, tutorials)


  • You are passionate, you love what you do !

  • You are humble and want to learn from design professionals

  • You are creative, curious and proactive

  • You like to break the codes and think outside the box.

  • You master After Effects

  • You have good skills in motion design

  • You are fluent in English & French

  • You have a portfolio that shows you’re good at what you’re doing and have a bit of a punk side to it

About the Company

We develop a SaaS platform that helps companies get in compliance with data privacy regulations like the GDPR or CCPA.

Didomi allows organizations to place customer choice at the core of their strategy. By allowing consumers to easily specify their privacy and preference choices, companies benefit from consent-based customer data to comply with global data privacy laws, drive higher customer engagement and increase consumer trust.

Consumers are free to declare what data to share, with whom, and how they prefer to stay connected with their favorite brands.

We help data privacy experts (CIOs, Data Protection Officers, Legal & Compliance officers) in their daily tasks regarding privacy management. We have hundreds of clients in 25+ countries and manage consents for millions of users every month. We work with leading brands like TF1, Deezer, Orange, Le Bon Coin, Harrods, l'Equipe, France TV…

Our solutions include a Consent Management Platform (CMP) for collecting, sharing, and managing user consent and a highly popular Preference Management Platform (PMP), where consumers can share consent-based, zero-party data with brands for a more transparent, efficient and trusting relationship.

In 2022, Didomi acquired privacy tech start-up Agnostik to strengthen our compliance offering, in controlling and optimizing their value chain based on the use of consent. By integrating Agnostik’s automated compliance and monitoring solutions into our platform, we help our clients reach the highest levels of privacy certification. Agnostik's product allows publishers and marketers to automatically monitor their websites and detect specific compliance gaps.

We have raised $40M to date in a Series B round of funding. Our main office is in Paris, however our employees have total autonomy to work from anywhere fully remotely.

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